Engage Pickleball Pursuit ULTRA MX 6.0 Carbon Fiber Paddle

Engage Pickleball

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The NEW Pursuit Ultra MX 6.0 paddle (The Ultimate in Control, Power & Spin).  The Pursuit Ultra line of paddles is Engage's Flagship line and the paddle of choice for top Pro players Jessie Irvine and Dekel Bar.

Engage’s most advanced paddle ever.  Taking innovation to new heights.

R210 Carbon Fiber

Proprietary chemically bonded Carbon Fiber technology for maximum texture and friction between the ball and surface for unmatched spin.

  • Increased surface strength
  • Latest technology to ensure a consistent surface compression and rebound rate for enhanced ball control and feel.

Vortex Barrier Edge Technology

Next generation composite injected into the outer cells for weight distribution and vibration control.

  • Increases the weight at the edge creating a larger sweet spot and ‘point of contact’ surface area with the ball.
  • Dramatically reduces vibration (and sound) minimizing tennis elbow and other arm injuries.

Uniform Guard Technology

Bonding of the edge guard and paddle for improved force distribution.

  • Provides the ultimate in force distribution enlarging the sweet spot.
  • Increases control and overall ball feel at the point of contact.

Counter Balance Technology

Lowering the balance point of the paddle.

  • Innovative technology to lower the balance point of the paddle closer to your hand for 1) improved hand speed, 2) lighter paddle feel, and 3) less arm fatigue and chances of tennis elbow.
  • Increases the strength of the paddle for the aggressive players.

Control Pro Black Polymer Core

Proprietary innovation that creates the softest core in the market that controls the rate of paddle compression and rebound rate creating:

  • The ultimate soft feel at the point of contact.
  • More consistent ball control.
  • A 3rd technology that reduces vibration (arm fatigue and tennis elbow) along with sound
  • Paddle Weight: 
    • 7.8 - 8.15 oz (LITE weight)
    • 8.2 - 8.5 oz (Standard weight)
  • Paddle Size:
    • Length: 16.5"
    • Width: 7.5"
  • Handle Dimensions (may vary up to 1/8"):
    • Circumference: Standard (4 3/8") 
    • Length: 5.75"
  • Core Thickness
    • 5/8" core for similar control and feel of the 5/8" (but with increased power)
  • Paddle Materials:
    • Core: Proprietary Polymer Composite (Control Pro ‘Black’ Technology)
    • Surface: R210 Carbon Fiber. Proprietary Omni-directional friction based Graphite
  • Optimized to pass most stringent community noise requirements
  • USAPA Listed and Approved for Tournament Play.
  • Vibration Control Technology

Made in America!

All Engage Pickleball paddles have a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects and workmanship for the life of the paddle (the exception is the Apprentice, Status and Precision which carry a one year warranty). Warranty doe not cover replaceable items like handle wraps, edge guard and the electrical tape securing the wrap. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, abuse and negligence. Any modifications made to the paddle after purchasing. Fading of graphics. Hitting other objects (other than a pickleball) such as the ground and other paddles can weaken the paddle or loosen the trim. Paddle breakage is not covered after one year.