In 1974 Dr. Harry Ferrari lost a tennis match due to inferior synthetic gut strings. Ferrari, a nuclear engineer and avid tennis player, became determined to develop a better tennis string. Dr. Ferrari’s experiments radically improved the strings’ performance, and ultimately led to the creation of the patented GAMMA irradiation process. With that, GAMMA Gut was born, a string technology that provided players with greater power, feel and control. In 1977 the United States Racquet Stringer’s Association rated GAMMA Gut the #1 string for the first time. This winning streak would go unbroken for 23 straight years!

GAMMA understands that athletes have a lifelong need to grow, perform and strive for excellence. That’s why Gamma will never stop innovating and improving their technology.

They are also excited to be at the leading edge of America’s fastest growing sport – Pickleball. their advanced knowledge of composites, plastics and manufacturing techniques enables GAMMA to create pickleball paddles and balls with materials and methods that few can match.