Paddle Candy

Founded in 2019, the Paddle Candy Pickleball brand – powered by Vulcan Pickleball – was built to be a little different. Our intention is to stay true to our unique character and to be unafraid of a more confident form of self-expression. Since Day One everything we do is inspired by this unique spirit. Why? Because to us blending in is boring. Our collective mantra is to boldly color outside the lines.

While intentionally eccentric and free spirited in its creativity and design aesthetic, the Paddle Candy brand never set out to be irreverent. Make no bones about it, we are very serious about pickleball and deeply respect the sport’s valued traditions. In fact the brand’s team is seriously committed to engineering perfection and to the most modern high-quality material specifications. We manufacture only high-performance, advanced-technology pickleball gear to allow players to compete and win, and to be their best whether as amateurs or at the professional level.

Pickleball is fun! This truism is a founding principle of Paddle Candy Pickleball. And when you play with a Paddle Candy paddle, it becomes a meaningful reflection of your originality and your enthusiasm for life. Together, the brand’s players, pros, fans, and collaborators promote a fresh happy vibe while making a life-inspired, art-inspired statement about who we are and how much we enjoy playing this great sport.