ProKennex Ovation Flight Pickleball Paddle (Blue or Pink)

Pro Kennex

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Pro Kennex engineers have applied the physics of shape design to elevate paddle performance with an expanded sweet spot and a more efficient energy transfer. The new modified oval shape creates one of nature's strongest designs, bringing a higher percentage of paddle mass along the center axis. Players looking for a competitive advantage in their equipment will immediately notice an increase in paddle maneuverability and speed.

At the foundation of this high performance package is PROKENNEX Proprietary Kinetic technology which eliminates harmful shock and vibration thus reducing soreness and fatigue in the wrist, elbow and shoulder and minimizing risk of injury to the arm.  PROKENNEX New Cloud Core technology reduces the paddle’s weight due to wider spacing in the honeycomb design adding power and strength to your swings.  The paddle facing is made of their Proprietary Diamond Frost micro texture coating which allows for maximum grit exposure upon ball contact for optimal spin.

To finish off this masterful performance package PROKEENEX has added an Original Air-O-Guard system providing a fully replaceable edge guard, allowing easy replacement if scuffed ensuring decade long use of the paddle.  This masterpiece was developed in partnership with US OPEN and USAPA Nationals Pickleball.

  • Paddle Weight:
    • Range 7.2 - 7.75 oz
  • Paddle Size:
    • Length: 15.43"
    • Width 7.6"
  • Handle Dimensions (may vary up to 1/8"):
    • Circumference: 4"
    • Length: 4 7/8"
  • Paddle Materials:
    • Core: Cloud Cell poly core.
    • Surface: Carbon with diamond frost face.
  • Paddle Frame:
    • Kinetic System Technology with Carbon Casing
  • Edge Guard:
    • Edgeless
  • USAPA Listed and Approved

Disclaimer: Due to high-performance aerodynamic edgeless-construction, chipping and scratches occur during normal wear and tear. The Air-o-guard will slow down the wear and tear of the edge.  But the surface close to the edge is not fully protected and wear will show on the faces after prolonged use.  This is not considered a defect under the manufacturer warranty.

Limited warranty against manufacturer's defects. ProKennex does not warrant the product against normal wear and tear, unauthorized modifications or alterations, improper use, improper maintenance, accident, misuse, negligence, damage, or if the product is used for a purpose for which it is not designed. Scuffs, marring, abrasion, face separation, exposed graphite core, and chipping as a result of court impact or other paddle collision is not covered.