ProKennex Pro Speed II Forrest Green Pickleball Paddle

Pro Kennex

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The Pro Speed II is engineered for maneuverability with wind resistant edgeless construction and thin core technology, the paddle is lightning in your hand. Built for quickness and reflex enhancement, the paddle boasts unparalleled tip speed. With the Kinetic shock absorbing system, touch, feel, and kitchen play are all enhanced bringing the best of both worlds to the Pro Speed Gen 2.

The Gen 2 comes updated with the new Air-O-Guard bumper system as well as fresh new paint job!

  • Paddle Weight:
    • Range 7.7 - 8.1 oz
  • Paddle Size:
    • Length: 15.43"
    • Width 7.6"
  • Handle Dimensions (may vary up to 1/8"):
    • Circumference: 4"
    • Length: 4 7/8"
  • Paddle Materials:
    • Core: Polypropylene honeycomb matrix with special quiet, high impact resistance polymer
    • Forest Green Core: Torray T700
    • Surface: Proprietary 7-layer coating and complex composite, including specially treated soft skin with spin-grab feature, carbon/fiberglass and Prokennex Release epoxy/resin system
  • Paddle Frame:
    • Kinetic System Technology with Carbon Casing
  • Edge Guard:
    • Replaceable Air-O-Guard bumper system
  • USAPA Listed and Approved

Disclaimer: Due to high-performance aerodynamic edgeless-construction, chipping and scratches occur during normal wear and tear. The Air-o-guard will slow down the wear and tear of the edge.  But the surface close to the edge is not fully protected and wear will show on the faces after prolonged use.  This is not considered a defect under the manufacturer warranty.

Limited warranty against manufacturer's defects. ProKennex does not warrant the product against normal wear and tear, unauthorized modifications or alterations, improper use, improper maintenance, accident, misuse, negligence, damage, or if the product is used for a purpose for which it is not designed. Scuffs, marring, abrasion, face separation, exposed graphite core, and chipping as a result of court impact or other paddle collision is not covered.